As part of our ongoing mission to help employers improve the value of their health, we seek to gauge the impact of innovative health benefit tools and strategies in order to recommend solutions that support employer efforts to manage the health of their populations and reduce the cost of those benefits.




As prescription costs continue to rise, employers are often left feeling helpless. 安全的赌博软件 works with partners to offer options to decrease pharmacy costs without shifting costs to employees, while simultaneously improving employee health outcomes and overall satisfaction.




这通常很难, 尤其是对小雇主来说, 了解如何创建和协商健康计划福利设计. 安全的赌博软件 gives members tools to empower them to achieve the best benefit design possible. 利用我们作为企业联盟的地位, 安全的赌博软件 utilizes the collective voice of our members to impact overarching issues and needs in order to reduce healthcare costs.




The cost of pharmaceuticals is often one of, if not the largest, driver of healthcare spending. Take control of your pharmacy costs with a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) that has been beating the status quo since 2011 with a simple approach: provide the patient with the right drug to manage their health at the lowest possible price for the best patient outcome.

ECRx is a fully-transparent PBM that is focused on providing employers with the lowest net cost for medications, while also reducing out-of-pocket costs for patients (your employees).


  • 更多地关注最低净成本,而不是回扣
  • Administrative fees are the only source of revenue and are fully disclosed
  • 所有合同条款都是完全可审计和透明的
  • 全面控制配方和方案设计






Educating your employees on how to become wiser consumers of healthcare has the potential to provide significant savings to you as the employer, but how do you teach your employees these skills in a way they’ll actually engage with and retain the information?

Quizzify accomplishes this by putting scientifically-backed health literacy information into a fun, 危险!-被证明能吸引参与者的风格格式. Quizzify的好处包括:

  • All content is reviewed for accuracy by physicians at Harvard Medical School.
  • 100% savings guarantee for employers with more than 1,000 employees.
  • 安全的赌博软件会员在所有Quizzify服务中获得10%的提成.

Just Plain Clear®

联合健康集团 免费的, award-winning glossary is your go-to source for understanding health care and health insurance terms. 它包含数千个以明文定义的术语, 语言清晰,英文流利, 西班牙语和巴西葡萄牙语. 它还包括每周的学期, 每月排名前五的词汇, and the Uniform Glossary (a list of health care terms established by the federal government).



Diabetes not only affects a person’s quality of life, but it is an expensive condition to treat. 糖尿病患者通常需要支付12美元,000 more per year on medical expenses than someone without diabetes. 通过帮助你的员工避免或延缓糖尿病的发作, 你不仅提高了他们的生活质量, 但你们都能省钱.

The National 糖尿病预防计划 has been shown to reduce the risk of someone with prediabetes from  becoming diabetic by 58%. 点击下面的链接进行免费的在线风险筛查, 并在全州范围内找到可用的dpp.

糖尿病自我管理教育 & 支持

Diabetes education is one of the most effective interventions  we have for helping diabetic individuals better manage their condition. 

糖尿病自我管理教育 & 支持 is a program clinically-delivered by diabetes specialists to help the patient learn how to manage their diabetes.

Employers in Kansas are currently required to pay for diabetes education.



Choosing to self-insure your employee benefits can have many advantages, 比如有更大的平面设计灵活性, 增加储蓄机会, 更多的访问你的数据. 然而, 没有财务后盾来保护你的财务风险, 从完全保险到自我保险可能是令人生畏的. What if there was a way to enjoy the benefits of being self-insured, 而不必自己承担所有的财务风险?

我们现提供STAR员工专属福利. 加入STAR, employers are able to share risk with other like-minded employers focused on reducing healthcare costs while mitigating the financial risk. 这是通过智能效益设计来实现的, 帮助员工改善健康, 协调他们的护理. 点击下面的链接了解更多安全的赌博软件STAR的信息.






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